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Our Trip to Amsterdam for the React 2019 Conference

One of the many benefits to working for Sauce is the ethos around personal and technical development of team members. Annually a budget is set aside for each employee to use as they see fit to further their own development.

Since some of our projects are written in React Native, when the React 2019 conference was announced in Amsterdam, it was a no brainer that Sauce should get on that ticket.

The conference was packed. People from all over the world descending on the iconic city and there was a great buzz about the Kromhouthal — a repurposed marine engine manufacturing building which now serves as a large exhibition space for events. The fact it just so happened to over look the river back towards Amsterdam Central station made for a perfect setting in the warm April sun.


There were 2 tracks for the conference. React and React Native. We spent most of the day in the React Native hall and a special highlight was being able to discuss RN with contributors during a QA session ran across lunch time. Hearing how AirBnB’s move away from RN was more of a technical decision based on their app needs rather than a seismic shift towards the next big thing was very assuring. Our time invested in RN was not for nought.

It was an absolute pleasure to get back to Amsterdam again. It had been well over a decade since my last visit and long over due. Here’s hoping that the success of this years conference and location will mean a repeat for 2020.