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The Future of Serverless Tech: What We Learnt at ServerlessDays 2019

At Sauce we are always looking to stay on top when it comes to using the latest and coolest new frameworks and services. It was with that in mind that myself, and two of my fellow Sauce developers James and Xing took the trip down to London to take part in the ServerlessDays 2019 conference.

We are currently using AWS managed services to build Serverless solutions for a number of our clients. By removing the need to manage your own infrastructure we can focus on what really matters - writing awesome code. It also enables us to architect systems that scale with demand and saves ours client money by ensuring they only pay for what they user. There is no wasted resource.

The attendants were all in good spirits and there was a positive energy around the event. There were over 400 attendants visiting Imperial College making it their most successful conference yet. Speakers travelled from across the globe to share insight into the future of Serverless. Topics covered the use of WebAssembly in Serverless, machine learning and common security pitfalls and how to avoid them. We were also fortunate enough to chat to some of the people from AWS and get guidance on best practices and resources to utilise.

If all that wasn't enough we got a surprise talk introducing the new service Amazon EventBridge, which had been unveiled only hours earlier. Expect to hear more from us on how we can leverage this new service to build robust, event-driven applications.

We all came away from SeverlessDays feeling encouraged and keen to put some of the new things we'd learnt to use. If you want to read more about our Serverless projects, you’ll find some case studies on the Sauce website.