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Expert IoT Developers

When it comes to launching a successful IoT product, experience is everything. Your users will want an intuitive interface and reliable software that works quickly and efficiently, and your business will need a solution with a solid, scalable infrastructure.

Sauce is an experienced IoT development agency based in the UK, and our IoT developers have the expertise to deliver the front-end UX, the back-end architecture and the business intelligence that you need to bring the best connected device to market.

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End-to-end Service

From an intuitive user interface to robust data storage and processing, we’ll provide a fully-comprehensive ecosystem that delivers scalability, security and operational efficiency. We don't offer a one-size-fits-all IoT development solution — we’ll consider the unique needs of your business and the particulars of your hardware before recommending the best software stack.


Agile Development

As an agile IoT development agency, we focus on delivering a high-value minimum viable product as quickly as possible. You will be able to conduct early-stage user testing and get the feedback you need to make informed product refinement decisions. This feedback loop is integral to ensuring that your project is always on the right track.


Serverless Architecture

Even with the best software, if your user numbers suddenly skyrocket, server problems can quickly become a nightmare. Not to mention the need to set up different environments for staging, testing and production. Urgh. So, we use a serverless IoT solution that is entirely event-triggered, for unbeatable scalability, reliability and cost efficiency.

We have had positive feedback so far on the aesthetics and ease of use of the app. We’re looking forward to developing the app further with Sauce to provide even more great features for our customers.
— Jonathan Wilkinson, Head of IoT, Ideal Boilers

What we deliver

Beautiful Mobile IoT Applications

UX-led design, intuitive interfaces and cross-platform deployment

Custom Middleware
& APIs

Seamless data transfer between IoT devices and applications

Security & Data Compliance

From GDPR to encryption and protection, we’ve got you covered

& Analytics

Leverage vast pools of anonymised data for greater business intelligence