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Meet the Team

Our team brings a wealth of skills and experience from a wide range of backgrounds.

Matt Weldon

Chief Executive

Guiding strategy and new client acquisition. Full-stack developer specialising in Elixir and Serverless IoT.

Favourite sauce: Meat Lust Ghost Chilli

Matt Gibson


Manages operations, finance and new client acquisition. Background in economics, events and property.

Favourite sauce: Lea & Perrins Worcestershire Sauce

John Polling

Chief of Technology

Oversees product architecture. Full-stack developer with expertise in IoT and distributed systems.

Favourite sauce: Reggae Reggae BBQ

Jim Wardlaw

Chief of Product & Design

Leads product design and innovation, focussed on UX-led interfaces. Background in full-stack development.

Favourite sauce: FRank’s Red Hot Xtra Hot

Claire Clark

Director of Development

Chartered Engineer and former developer. Oversees projects, coaches and supports agile development teams and clients.

Favourite sauce: Nando’s Hot Peri-peri

Aidan Treasure

Lead Developer

Leads technical strategy and direction of dev teams, keeping an eye on emerging tech trends and innovation.

Favourite sauce: Newman’s Sticky BBQ

Matt Henley

Lead Developer

React expert, focussed on front-end development, experienced in Java, Elm, Serverless, PHP, Ember, Haskell and Elixir.

Favourite sauce: Maple Syrup

Mike Anson


Focussed on front-end, experienced in Angular, Ember, React and PHP. Background in high-traffic e-commerce applications.

Favourite sauce: Japanese Mayonnaise

Danny Wilkinson


Full-stack developer working on IoT projects in Elixir, Node and AWS Server stack, with a background in .NET development.

Favourite sauce: Tartare Sauce

Xing Xing


Specialising in IoT hardware integration and distributed systems, experienced in .NET, Java, React and AWS Serverless.

Favourite sauce: Sweet Soy Sauce

Tom Kopec


Working across the full stack in Ember, Elixir, Node, Serverless, React and Java. Focussed on hardware-integrated IoT.

Favourite sauce: Custard

Sam Mearns

UX / Digital Designer

Helping to delight users one app at a time with a background in Graphic Design & eCommerce.

Favourite sauce: Takeaway Chilli/Garlic Combo

James Hay


Plumber turned software developer working across the full stack. Working in Ember, Elixir, Node, AWS Serverless and React.

Favourite sauce: Red’s Burger Sauce

Rob Marsh


Full-stack developer with experience in Angular, Ember, React, Node, AWS Serverless, Elixir and .NET.

Favourite sauce: Pesto

Jack Longthorp

QA Architect

Certified Agile Tester and Scrum Master, leads QA across all projects overseeing testing plans and criteria.

Favourite sauce: Gravy

Mel Brooker

Technical Account Manager

Facilitating clear communications between clients and dev teams. 18 years experience in technical and customer support.

Favourite sauce: Pink Custard


Lead Developer

Full-stack developer, well versed in JavaScript, Elixir, Go, PHP and OCaml. Evaluates the latest languages and technologies.

Favourite sauce: Cranberry

Mark McAlpine

Scrum Master

Coaches and facilitates scrum and the agile mind set at all levels of the organisation. Enjoys looking for workflow efficiencies.

Favourite sauce: Dark Soy Sauce

Alexandra DocOlin


Full-stack developer focussed on front-end, with a background in C# and JS.

Favourite sauce: Garlic Sauce

Rachael Taylor

Business Strategist

Oversees branding, marketing and business strategy. Creative background in the design and print industries.

Favourite sauce: MAYONNAISE

Adam Clarkson

Software Tester

Works with clients and dev teams to write test plans and test software. Background in quality within the manufacturing sector.

Favourite sauce: Encona Thai Sweet Chilli

Joe Sward


Full stack developer working in Elixir, Node, AWS Serverless and React. Experienced in PHP, .NET, C/C++, UI/UX, SSO.

Favourite sauce: French’s Classic Yellow Mustard

Mark Hickson


Focussed on Angular web and React Native mobile development. Previous experience in C#, Xamarin and managing small teams.

Favourite sauce: French’s Classic Yellow Mustard

Mike Bower


Full stack developer working in Elixir, Node, AWS and React with a background in .NET and AngularJS development.

Favourite sauce: Sriracha Mayo

Gemma Wilson

Office Manager / HR

Focussed on improving workflows, wellbeing and workplace culture. Background in graphic design, office management and project coordination

Favourite sauce: Pizza Express House Dressing

Marta Rei

UX / UI Designer

Focussed on designing intuitive user interfaces with a background in graphic design and visual arts.

Favourite Sauce: Tabasco Green Pepper Sauce