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Moodbeam: IoT Application for Wearable Device

Designed to track a person's emotional wellbeing, Moodbeam is a beautifully-designed wearable device that allows its wearer to log how they feel at the click of a button.

We worked in collaboration with the Moodbeam team and the Chinese manufacturer of their custom-designed hardware to develop a mobile platform for the device.

Moodbeam IoT app

Using data from the bluetooth-connected wearable, we developed an app with an intuitive interface that will give users insight into how their moods change over time.

Responding to gentle prompts, the user is able to log how they are feeling throughout the day by clicking the relevant button on their wearable.


By turning the data collected from these simple device clicks into elegantly-visualised patterns and trends, the app empowers users to make positive lifestyle changes and work to improve their overall emotional wellbeing.

The software was built using React Native for simultaneous release across iOS and Android devices, thus reducing costs and development time for the client. Using React Native allowed us to keep the Moodbeam branding consistant across all platforms while keeping a native feel. Platform-specific animations and transitions were incorporated where necessary to give the best possible user experience.

To handle the vast amounts of data storage and processing that were necessary for this project, we used a combination of AWS services for a lightning-fast processing pipeline, and Google BigQuery for the storage of any anonymised data that Moodbeam's users opt in to share.

A serverless framework was chosen to minimise run time costs and give Moodbeam the scalability it needs to grow their user base without incurring unforseen hosting, server maintenance or support costs.

For cases where there are multiple users, we worked hard to ensure that the data could be visualised in an appropriate and cohesive format for large groups of people, as well as individual users.