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A bespoke mobile application and cloud-based middleware for Ideal Boilers, Hull, who aim to use their status as Europe’s 2nd largest boiler manufacturer to enter the Smart Heating space. After analysis of a number of software development consultancies throughout the UK, Ideal Boilers commissioned Sauce in August 2016 to develop a mobile application suite, cloud-based middleware and customer support portal for their new Smart Heating system.


Working closely with the project team at Ideal, Sauce have balanced the complexity inherent in large-scale IoT services with the ease-of-use required from a product looking for mass-market adoption. By using cross-platform development methodologies, Sauce delivered mobile builds across iOS and Android at all stages of the project, enabling rapid iterations of the UI/UX based on feedback from field-trial users.

Custom APIs were also developed to provide Ideal Boilers with a comprehensive, scalable “middleware” layer, responsible for processing thousands of requests per minute to control their fleet of internet-connected heating systems. Using the Big Data platform Google BigQuery, the Touch middleware stores the results of these requests for later analysis. By creating a “Data Lake” with access to the operational information of thousands of boilers nationwide, we have enhanced their operational intelligence substantially, enabling the use of sophisticated data analysis techniques to predict faults and inform future boiler manufacturing decisions.