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Touchwood Shopping Centre: Location-driven Customer Engagement App

Touchwood Solihull commissioned Sauce to develop a mobile app to help improve customer engagement within the shopping centre. During this process, location technology was utilised as part of a cross-platform Android/iOS app to track the customer’s location as they move around the centre in order to provide them with custom offers or relevant events.


GPS and Bluetooth Beacon technology is used extensively in this app, available for both iOS and Android to track users as they navigate around the centre. Each time the user passes a predefined beacon or geozone, the app registers a “location update” with the backend API. This information is then used to construct profiles for the users based on their usage of the centre. These beacons are also grouped together to form “GeoZones” which enable staff within the centre to segment different areas.

Similarly, GPS tracking is used to allow the marketing team to create “geofences” within the vicinity of the centre. This enables the creation of VIP events which are only triggered when a customer has been flagged as being in the area, but also allows them to gain more granular information about things such as where customers have visited shortly after leaving the centre, which entrances/exits are most popular etc.

Location-aware mobile application built in Javascript / HTML / CSS and wrapped in Apache Cordova to help a medium-sized shopping centre increase customer engagement. The app itself integrates the EmberJS Javascript Framework with native Bluetooth Beacon and GPS technologies to track users as they walk around the centre. This real-time location information is then parsed by a backend REST API to segment users (based on groups set up in a custom CRM system) and notify them of personalised Offers / Events.

The client will be able to segment their campaigns to target certain demographics with customisable content. The more the platform is used, the greater accuracy and details the database will have. This offers a profound advantage for the businesses ability to understand and target its customers. Any marketing campaign can be based upon solid, accurate, granular data and can target any demographic to incredible detail. And crucially the results of that campaign can be measured and learned from, and added to the existing data that the project generates.