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Things at Sauce are moving very quickly, and we’re constantly expanding our team to meet the demands of our ever-growing client base.

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About Sauce

Sauce develops cutting-edge IoT software and mobile apps for a range of clients, from multinational organisations to disruptive startups. We’re based at the Centre for Digital Innovation (C4Di) in Hull, where we have access to world-class facilities and are surrounded by a vibrant community of fantastic digital talent.

We are a company of developers run by developers. The environment is chill, but the work is fast paced, so you must be well organised and have the ability to communicate effectively. Our employee-centred, horizontal organisational structure, ensures that everyone’s views and contributions are valued with equal significance.

Through our Continuing Education Allowance, we support our team in both professional and personal development, and we work hard to sponsor and participate in local outreach programmes, tech events and developer meet-ups, to foster further growth in the local area and champion the next generation of developers.

The Team at Sauce


Working at Sauce

Our office, situated in Hull’s historic Fruit Market quarter, boasts a spectacular view over the Humber Estuary, and we do everything we can to offer the most comfortable working environment to ensure our team members feel both relaxed and productive.

Sauce team members have flexible working hours to fit around the realities of their own lives, and we offer a generous 33 day holiday package (plus an extra day off for birthdays!).

Not everyone thrives while sitting at a desk for eight hours a day, so we offer a range of flexible options, from standing desks to sofas, to give everyone the freedom to operate in whichever setup they find the most comfortable.

Team members are encouraged to tell us if they feel there’s anything we can provide in terms of hardware or software to help them to work more efficiently, plus there’s free coffee, tea, soft drinks and a range of perks to keep everyone refreshed and ready to take on the day.


Whatever your background or experience, what we value the most is someone who is always keen to learn something new, has a great understanding of up-to-date industry best practices and frameworks, and always keeps an eye on emerging technologies.

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